Cravings Satisfied at Kamon Sushi

Sushi is kinda my fave when it comes to food. It's been on top of mind lately, so cravings hit and I wanted sushi for lunch. However, I wasn't super familiar with the Rowland Heights area, so I spent some time on Yelp to see what was nearby. Kamon Sushi had favorable reviews and the pictures looked amazing. Plus, we wanted to stop by Nijiya, which was a few doors down, so it all worked out!

I was hungry and in crave mode, so I ordered A LOT of food thinking the sushi would be the standard cut. I was willing to pay anything, so I just ordered up.

Starting with nigiri, I chose to get the Golden Eye Snapper (kinmedai), Medium Fatty Tuna (chutoro), King Scallop (hotategai) and Amberjack (kanpachi). They were seasoned and beautifully presented. The Kinmedai was topped with black truffles and black pepper, chutoro with wasabi stems, kanpachi with yuzu kosho and hotategai with wasabi masago. I had a few disagreements - 1) the kinmedai had some solid chew at the skin so I spit that part out. 2) I hate wasabi masago, so I set them aside.

In addition, I also did not want to pass up on trying a few kitchen items - Yellowtail & Jalapeno Carpaccio and Ikura Uni Chawanmushi. The ikura uni chawanmushi was delightful without the uni. The uni by itself had a strong bitter aftertaste, so I was really sad that the pairing did not match as well as I had hoped. I think it would have been better with Santa Barbara uni to offset the heavy ocean taste and complement the dish with some creamy textures.

The yellowtail & jalapeno was great, but the slices were massive! Seasoned with a yuzu citrus dressing, I really enjoyed the flavors. 

Boyfriend got a bento combination with 2 choices - katsu and beef teriyaki. The bento comes with your two choices and the sides - salad, miso soup and rice. The portions were plenty! He really enjoyed the katsu, but was not a fan of the beef teriyaki. It was cooked medium rare, but he prefers his meat medium well. It turned him off and he concluded that he can get the same dish elsewhere at a lower cost.

So, I basically went ham for lunch. The fish to rice ratio was a lot greater than I had expected, but at least I know for next time to start small and order more if I need. Overall, food was great and I'd like to return to eat a normal human-sized portion for dinner or lunch. Until next time friends!

Kamon Sushi
17855 Colima Road
City of Industry, CA 91748