Revolving Sushi Bar at Zensen Sushi Express

After a weekend spent in San Diego, we were famished from the drive and got back to the LA area just in time for an early dinner. It was about 6pm, so we decided to give Diamond Bar Plaza a walk through. Parking was pleasantly empty and easy, which is nearly impossible during peak hours. The plaza was rather quiet, so boyfriend suggested we try Zensen Sushi Express.

For our party of two, we were seated at a booth. The setup is pretty simple and primarily self serve. The table comes stocked with green tea bags, a faucet that dispenses hot water, chopsticks, cups, soy sauce platters and some wasabi packets. If you need utensils, napkins or water, you can find them at two stations located along the wall in the front or back of the restaurant. For wasabi and ginger fans, you'll have to find more on the sushi belt. 


Once you're setup with your setup, it's time to go ham. We tried a little bit of everything: tuna & salmon sashimi, scallop nigiri, chopped tuna sushi, whelk clam with capellin roe, unagi (eel) nigiri, tamago, ikura (salmon roe) with cucumber, spicy tiger prawn and various cut rolls.


Quality was pretty good and everything tasted great. For $1.75 a plate, I was pleasantly surprised by their selection, but somewhat bummed that it was a bit limiting due to pricing. However, they did have some interesting items like tilapia, crawfish and sushi tacos. We ended the evening with 20 plates, so total bill was pretty simple to calculate. No surprises there! 

Overall, I can see why this place is a win for most. The restaurant capacity can hold plenty of people, so you'll always find something fresh on the belt. However, I find it a bit pricey when taking portions into consideration. Each plate may be under $2, but the offering was a bit slim. For the value, I would rather get more bang for my buck elsewhere, but I wouldn't mind returning for the atmosphere with friends. Until next time.

Zensen Sushi Express
1370 S Fullerton Rd, Suite 105
Rowland Heights, CA 91748