Popcorn Chicken: Taiwanese Night Market Fare

I know it's been a few weeks without an update, but I've been out of the country. Vietnam to be exact! It was right around Christmas when I left, but Popcorn Chicken was the last place I ate at before heading to the airport the next day. Met up with a few friends to have our last meal in the US before the new year. 

There are menus along the walls and in pamphlet form, but if you need some visual guidance or prefer to eat with your eyes, take a gander at the cooler to pick your options. The options are similar to that of a Taiwanese night market with its fried snacks. Once you know what you want, pick up a scantron to make your order, which is available in Chinese or English.

We picked out an assortment of goods: smelt fish, popcorn chicken, chicken filet, chicken wings and calamari. They ask for your level of spice. We chose mild, but it definitely packed some heat! My friend order the popcorn chicken with medium spice and was sweating bricks. He rushed next door to Tea Station for an iced beverage to cool his palate, even though Popcorn Chicken does offer tea, milk tea and other beverages here.

Friends ordered a few fried items as well - blood sausage, green beans, tofu and chicken.

The chicken filet is massive and I preferred it over the popcorn chicken since it was tender and juicy with a crisp exterior. Everything else was okay. The smelt fish had bellies full of roe, the calamari rings had a light batter, the wings were fried with no batter and the popcorn chicken wasn't very memorable. I would come back if I'm in the area and want a light snack, but I'll skip on getting a meal since it may rack up as a hefty bill for what it is.

Popcorn Chicken
15333 Culver Dr, Suite 420
Irvine, CA