Montreal Adventures: Mile End

And we're back at it again! Another day, another adventure. Weather has been hot and humidity in Montreal was no joke, but we were out the door around 10am to head out to Mile End for some bagel tasting and shopping.

We took the subway station to Rosemont and walked our way into Mile End, but first, we had to tackle this highway and the high speed winds that nearly took us down. It was an unexpected resistance we had to face. However, the view was amazing of the city below!

As we made our way down to Boul St-Laurent, Vertu caught our attention with its fresh store concepts. The interior was bright and green, oozing with organic vibes from its fruit juice/smoothie offerings and vegetarian menu options. Although we were saving our appetite for bagels, we stopped in for some juice. You gotta stay hydrated somehow.

As we browsed the menu with our limited translation skills, the Matcha Peachu and Noix-Vocado caught my attention most. Since Lucy had decided on the Matcha Peachu, I decided to go with my other option. The ingredients for the smoothie are as follows: avocats, noisettes, sirop d'erable, chocolat noir, beurre d'arachnides, amandes torrefiees, lait d'amandes, bananas tranchees, mueslix and pêches. It was quite filling and tasted like a date shake.

With drink in hand, we made our rounds to the shop along St. Viateur. Unfortunately, a lot of the shops were closed with most opening up around 11am or noon. Instead, we decided to head into St Viateur bagels to see what the hype was about. There was already a crowd inside, but the line moved quickly with most patrons just grabbing one bagel. We ended up getting the most popular choices, sesame and everything, and splitting for a taste comparison. The sesame was a winner in my book!

As we finished up our bagels, we set foot again to explore more shops along St-Laurent. We stopped into a few such as Vestibule, Lo Well and Annex Vintage to buy a few goods. With a shopping spree under our belt, it worked up a thirst to be quenched at Crudessence. I was a bit bummed that the juices were pre-bottled, so I settled on another smoothie. 

After we finished up shopping, we were split on where to eat. Although Dieu du Ciel was originally in the books, I found a spot comparable without the hype/crowds. We headed back toward Little Italy and arrived at Vices et Versa. With a beer list of 30 on tap from various breweries and microbrews in Canada, it helped solidify our decision to veer off course. Plus, they also tapped a few selections from Dieu du Ciel as well and had a breezy outdoor patio to chill in.

We started off with a glass of beer. I decided to go with the Blanc L'meritage, which was comparable to a Blue Moon with less citrus accents. For food, we shared the Poutine with Chipolata and a side green salad.  

Since the day was still bright and early, we stopped by Marche Jean Talon for some goods. We decided to do a wine night and picked up cheese, olives, coppa charcuterie and fruits. On the way back to the apartment, we got a cheap bottle of red to complete the snack.

Settled in for the evening to prep for our last full day in Montreal. We didn't have any solid plans, but planned to hit up Old Montreal and explore its surrounding attractions. Until next week!

Here are some details on the places I've visited: 
St. Viateur Bagel
Annex Vintage
Vices & Versa
Marche Jean Talon