Seattle Restaurant Week: Pomerol

It was by chance that Seattle Restaurant Week would align perfectly on the days I traveled, but it was an opportunity I didn't want to miss out on. A week prior to the trip, my friend and I set aside time to go through the menu offerings. We narrowed down our options and decided to settle on Pomerol since it was within close proximity to our evening plans at Paramount Theater.


Upon arrival, we were one of the first patrons to be seated. It was nice to feel the emptiness of the restaurant, as if it was the calm before the storm. As we settled into our seats, I started with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc as we looked through the offerings for Seattle Restaurant Week.


Since Lucy and I both opted in the three-course meal, we began our meal with appetizers.


I decided to go ahead with the Hubbard squash soup with caramelized peanuts. The squash puree was creamy, but I wasn't a super fan about the addition of peanuts. I thought it went against the creaminess of the soup, but was there to provide textural contrast. Regardless, it superb and on point; a dish I wouldn't mind having again and again on a gloomy day.


Lucy chose the beef tartare served with crostinis, pickled shallots and fennel. I have no idea what the spread or puree is on the plate, but the portions for an appetizer was well put together. 


For our entrees, Lucy chose the Steelhead Trout served atop charred corn, warm potatoes and a cilantro puree. The fish was cooked to perfection to attain its moisture and the dish itself was a light, healthy alternative to the other offerings. 


I went with the heavier option, but considering it was pork, I thought it was to be prepared a little lighter. However, the pork steak was grilled and prepared like a steak. Charred and smokey, the pork steak laid to rest atop flagiolet beans, brussel sprouts, chanterelle mushrooms and a very creamy cauliflower puree. It was a lot of food!


Moving on to dessert, Lucy chose their Black Pepper ice cream, while bread pudding caught my attention. The black peppercorns was mixed in with a vanilla base, so you couldn't really get the aroma or spice unless you bit into a peppercorn. 


Rum bread pudding with chicken skin ice cream. Yes, chicken skin! Made in-house, the flavor was heavy and greasy, but I thought it could have been better paired with something savory instead of sweet. The taste of chicken skin overwhelmed the palate, so I couldn't really sense a balance for the pairing. 


Although classified as a French restaurant, it resonated more as new American to me. The menu changes daily as they incorporate market fresh or seasonal products and Pomerol's innovative use of ingredients allows the flavors to speak for itself. It was quite the interesting experience to transform pork into a steak and have chicken skin ice cream as a dessert. 

Although Seattle Restaurant Week may have passed, Pomerol is also participating in Dine Around Seattle for the month of November (1-25 Dinner Only). Get out there and try something new!

127 N. 36th Street
Seattle, WA 98103