Fast Casual Lunch at A & J Taiwanese Restaurant

Lunch on a work day has got to be one of the most stressful things to think about or it's probably the only thing you think about once you step into the office. Sometimes I'm in one of those ruts, but most times, I end up eating a quick lunch because of time sensitive projects or meetings. For the days I have some time to catch a break, I like going to sweet sit-down places that deliver plates fast, but don't rush you to get in and out of the place. A & J is one of the places I often frequent, but only when I have cash to spend. The Taiwanese restaurant is cash only, but they definitely accommodate to the nearby businesses in the area with an English menu, albeit just the laminated menu. The ordering menu is still a tough one to decipher, but you can always order in English and they will mark the list with what you want. I'm so used to matching characters that this visit was like a weight off my shoulders and easier on the eyes.

For a group of six, we ordered up a good amount to share among the table. Wontons in chili oil, pork potstickers, beef wrap, scallion pancake, cold noodles and a chicken rice bowl. The wontons sit in a pool of chili oil, but it's not very spicy. You can always add more chili condiments from the table, but the spice on these were just fine.


The beef wrap and cold noodles (sliced cucumbers, bean sprouts, egg and ham with peanut sauce) are both equally filling and delicious. The beef wrap was a lot heavier and completely filled us up as soon as we had one piece each. Don't let the looks of it fool you, but they definitely don't skimp on portions on these.


Wish I had more pictures to show, but considering lunch breaks aren't that long to leisurely eat, my hunger got the better of me and I dug into the meal before snapping a picture. Easily one of my favorite places to come through on a weekday and even better that's there's 3 tea shops (Champion, Lollicup or Bambu) within walking distance in case you need that afternoon pick-me up, either in the form of sugar or caffeine. Happy eats!

A & J Taiwanese Restaurant
14805 Jeffrey Rd, Suite D
Irvine, CA 92618