Sushi and More at Tabento? in Costa Mesa

So last time I came to Tabento, I had omakase. The family-owned restaurant is pretty small and cozy, but they offer more than just omakase at the bar. My brother and I arrived on a weekday evening and it was deserted, but it was nice to have a quiet evening to catch up. Tabento is just one of those unassuming local eats that I love coming to. It's been here for ages and service has always been super inviting. Started the evening with a favorite, takowasa.


I've had my eye on this menu item for awhile, but finally decided to take the plunge. The mentaiko, cheese and mochi egg roll was all that I had hoped and even better with the addition of the shiso leaf. I just wished there was more of them than just two pieces.


Spider Roll. I typically don't order rolls, but I was craving soft shell crab. The portions for the roll are large and filling, so even if I didn't order sashimi, I think I would have been satisfied with this. The only odd thing is that they used lettuce in the roll. It was like salad roll with soft shell crab, haha.


As usual, my brother and I got our roundup of sushi: mackerel, salmon sashimi, king scallop, tuna, yellowtail, egg and eel. Everything was good and the presentation was immaculate. The ginger, cubumber and radish were shaped into flowers, which was really cute and showed craftmanship in carving.


Since we still had some room to eat, we got dessert. Banana green tea ice creme crepe with red bean (azuki) and whipped cream. Loved the combination of red bean and green tea. It's such a classic combo that never fails.


I actually enjoy coming here on weekdays than the weekend. It feels like I have the whole restaurant to myself. Although I prefer to sit at the bar, it's nice every now and then to relax during dinner and not have to engage with anyone new. Lol. Either way, Tabento is comforting, quiet and a local gem.

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