Getting Scientific at Bottle Logic Brewing in Anaheim

For Science! Bottle Logic Brewing in Anaheim truly speaks to my inner science nerd with mentions of physics and chemistry for their brew names. They really stay in theme for their tasting room with sci-fi posters, wall of books and a few of their beers are served in beakers. How rad is that?!


The flights are individually priced in comparison to other breweries that offer a flat price if you choose to make your own.


I decided to go with a Custom Flight, which totaled to about $13. The price is calculated by the 4oz tasters that vary in price depending on which brew.


Lagerithm (American Dark Lager). If you're a fan of Newcastle, you will most likely enjoy this. Not as heavy, the Lagerithm is dark caramel in color, but has a light taste with a slight bitterness lingering. Really good stuff.


Heliosphere (Helles Lager) and Calf Life (Milk Stout). The Helles Lager was the lightest in my batch and it was very crisp and fresh. It was the easiest to drink. I really enjoy milk stouts, so the Calf Life really speaks to me. The beer was dark, creamy without feeling heavy and notes of bittersweet dark chocolate.


Rye Axis. This was my least favorite of the bunch. After a single sip, I put it down and put it aside. It just had a funky taste and even my brother, whose a hop head, wasn't a fan of it either.


Gravity Well (Imperial Coffee Stout). The head was brown with heavy lacing that took some time to fade. The imperial coffee stout was rich, creamy, heavy and tasted like a wonderful cup of fresh roasted coffee. Although it was a clear winner in my flight, I think I would only be able to have one of these on the regular. The Calf Life is probably easier to have more than one of without getting full as quick.


However, they do have a $8 flight for "The Constants" featuring Heliosphere, Lagerithm, She Shot First (Pale Wheat Ale), Calf Life, and Recursion (West Coast IPA).

Since I came through on Valentine's weekend, they made a special brew called "Chemical Reaction". It was a pale lager with hibiscus and black currant flavor additions, which was very light and fruity on the palate with a visible pinkish rose hue. It wasn't very sweet, which was great in retaining the flavor of the pale lager.


They also have food trucks that stop by on the daily. The calendar is posted on the blackboard, along with what's brewing next in the tanks. Pretty neat!


For the evening, the Viking Truck was offering hot dogs, their famous corndogs and other sides. Since I had eaten a light dinner beforehand, I got some snacks for the table. Drunk Tots! Pretty much tater tots topped with sauerkraut, pickled cabbage, medley of peppers and cheese. The peppers were a creeper since they were hidden under all that cheese, so eat with caution if you're not a fan! My lips were on fire for a hot minute.


But soon after, I started getting hungry. Luckily, a friend was on the way after a Valentine's dinner, so she brought leftovers from her dinner. Steak and her secret recipe green sauce that's absolutely addicting! I'm so glad to have friends that feed me haha.


Overall, Bottle Logic Brewing is a fun place to hang out with friends. It does get crowded and when it does, it gets really noisy, but the crowd comes and goes. I'll have to come back and pick up a growler. The Calf Life and Gravity Well are so amaze. Cheers!

Bottle Logic Brewing
1072 N. Armando St.
Anaheim, CA 92806