Lazy Dog Cafe - Irvine, CA

Dog-friendly, kid-friendly and family friendly. Lazy Dog Cafe is a cool spot to come to if you're looking to catch up with friends, take the pooch out (outdoor patio only) or to hang out with family. The weather was sunny and warm so I decided to opt for outdoor seating. It can get a little loud with the pups barking here and there, but everyone is respectful and try to keep them at bay when new dogs arrive. Plus, the dogs are so cute so I forgive them. I met up with my friend for lunch to take a break from holiday shopping. Yes, I realize the holidays are way over and this post is way overdue, but I wanted to share it anyway! Whenever I come here, I love getting a sangria or their house blend Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary is packed full of pepper so it might be a little spicy for some. However, I was a bit indecisive so I got the sangria sampler instead. Flavors: Pomegranate Red (bold red), White Peach (sweet), Raspberry Moscato (bubbly). My favorite was the pomegranate because it still tasted like a wine, but the peach comes at a close second for that white peach sweetness.


Lazy Dog Cafe had a new seasonal menu that was available for a limited time, so I was curious to try. I got the Small Plates: Hatch Chile + Bacon Mac N Cheese. It's a pretty decent portion and you can visibly see the Hatch chile in the breadcrumb crust for that crunchy topping. As for taste, I thought the bacon lost its flavor under the heat of the chili, although very mild. Mac N Cheese is comfort food, so either way, it was still good in my book!


I also ordered a side of wings to fill me up and it came with 3 dipping options: bleu ranch, sweet chili and buffalo. The wings were pretty bare so the sauces came in handy.


My friend ordered fish and chips. Comes with two battered pieces of white fish on a bed of fries and a side of slaw.


Lazy Dog is a place for comfort food, at least for me. My other favorites are the meatloaf, which can be split into two portions to share (let your server know) and I would say about half the appetizer/small plates menu because some of those are listed on their happy hour specials! The bar area also has plenty of TVs to catch a game and restaurant is spacious to accommodate large parties, especially for birthdays or other occasions.

Lazy Dog Cafe
13290 Jamboree Rd
Irvine, CA 92602