Koko Chicken BBQ - Buena Park, CA

I had a mad craving specifically for Korean style fried chicken wings. My mind was filled with sweet soy and sweet chili wings floating around with hopes that I would satisfy this ASAP! So I rounded up friends for Wings Wednesday to see who would bite on this, and thankfully, a couple of us were on board. Orange County was experiencing heavy rain that evening, which puts a lot of SoCal drivers in a frenzy in rush hour, bumper to bumper traffic. So, it was expected that I would sit in traffic for an hour until I reached my destination, but I was beyond excited to get my wings on!


Once I reached Koko Chicken BBQ, there was some wait time for the rest of the group to gather, but my friend and I decided to start the party a little early with a beer tower. Three liters of Shock Top to get us started.


As our group began to trickle in and we were all seated, ordering was a breeze. A couple friends have been here before, so we pretty much mirrored their order from last time - 24 pieces of sweet soy and 24 pieces of Koko fried chicken with sweet spicy sauce on the side.


The flavors are rather limited in comparison to other Korean style fried chicken shops and sweet soy is the only batch that gets tossed in the sauce. All others are just original battered fried chicken with a sauce as a "dip" and served to the side. Blasphemous! If you don't want the batter (which makes wings so much heavier and extra crispy), they also have JR wings, which I assume "just regular" wings. LOL. So clever!


We also got corn cheese and kimchi pancake for the table. How can salt, corn, mozzarella and simple seasoning on a cast iron skillet be so goddamn delicious? Every time. It's a must and I never regret ordering more than one if I need to.


The kimchi pancake was different. It had a hint of smoke and I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I was addicted. I was so stuffed, but I couldn't stop eating the pancake. Not to mention, the crisp edges!


Among the five of us, we polished off a good chunk of food in addition to a second beer tower. The second was a mistake on our part, but it gave us some time to let the food settle and talk about upcoming plans for the holidays between friends.


Koko Chicken BBQ is a great spot to grab some wings and beer. I really wished it was closer, but maybe it's better that it's not, or else I would be here on a weekly basis chomping on that sweet soy! And the kimchi pancake. And the corn cheese. Good thing it's the holiday season for the holiday gains.

AND! Exciting news! I started filming some of my food adventures so I get to bring you with me. Hope you guys enjoy and see you soon. :)

Koko Chicken BBQ
8532 Commonwealth Ave
Buena Park, CA 90621