All That Barbecue - Irvine, CA

All That BBQ is my go-to kbbq spot because it's close to work/home, the selection covers a wide range of meats (there is a vegetable platter available), and service is always on point. The restaurant is known for AYCE (all-you-can-eat), where you pay a flat rate to eat any items of your choice in unlimited quantities. The catch? There is none, other than a two hour time limit. My favorites - marinated short ribs, brisket (it cooks fast), flap tail steak, beef tongue, pork belly, beef belly and spicy octopus. Only a couple of these selection are pictured. When you cook, you got no time for pics. You just slap on em on the grill!


When ordering, make it simple for your server if you want to get cooking. Have your list ready and fire them off, but I usually try to list 3-4 items at a time so I don't overwhelm them. Also, you don't want to overcrowd your table either, so plan wisely as plates arrive. For large parties, or I guess large orders, they might bring out one of those tableside trays.


I'm designated cook among friends because at most, there's only ONE grill change, which allows for more food to be cooked without interruption LOL. I know, it's quite the skill I've got. My secret? Always stay in control of heat, cook only the amount you are about to consume (for optimal flavor so you don't overcook your meats) and keep your grill organized depending on timing each meat requires to cook. I've got this down to a science. Plus, everything tastes better when they are cooked just right instead of burnt and dry. :)

If you plan on coming through with a huge party, I recommend having someone in your group come early to put your name on the list and stake out a spot to wait. Large parties can sometimes wait up to an hour before getting seated. Last time, I was with 12 people, so you will want to plan accordingly! Once you're seated though, the place settings, banchans and menus are all there to get you started. Enjoy!

If you're not in the OC area, they opened up a second location in Arcadia!

All That Barbecue
15333 Culver Drive, Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92604