Curry House - Irvine, CA

Om nom nom. Can I start a post like this? I feel a bit weird starting it like that, but that pretty much sums up how I feel about Curry House. Words can't express this indescribable feeling I have toward them. It's part comfort food, part an easy fix and part convenience. It's kinda just there. Not to say it's a bad thing, but it's nothing super spectacular haha. You know what's funny? I did have lunch here on my actual birthday and I just ate here yesterday. So even though I have mixed feelings, it leans more on the good-to-me side than the I'll-go-here-when-I've-run-out-of-options feels. Ya feel me? Okay, I'm weird.

Curry House is a chain restaurant with several locations to satisfy your craving for curry, or..pasta! Yes, they have pasta :) and it's pretty tasty too! Here's what I had while celebrating my day of birth. Curry Soup Udon. The mild broth is light with a hint of curry served with a few dry pieces of chicken, boiled spinach, mushrooms, potatoes, carrots and a hard boiled egg. Served in a stone pot, the soup remains hot throughout the meal and the portion is relatively large, but I had an early start at the gym that morning so I scarfed down the entire thing.


And since I came here for an impromptu birthday luncheon, I thought I would celebrate my life with a few friends. I had wanted to eat a late lunch and just sent the invite to see if anyone was interested. Yes, four other people were interested, so it was a lot more people than I had expected. Oh wells, here's what everyone else had.

Sesame Chicken Curry (medium spicy) served with heaping portions of rice & curry and a side salad.


Tofu & Ground Chicken Curry (medium spicy) served with a garlic and spinach rice.


Curry Ramen with soft shell crab. This is a new item and only served for a limited time. It was served in this giant boat with corn, boiled spinach, fried soft shell crab and a soft boiled egg.


Creamy Chicken and Shimeji Spaghetti


And just yesterday I came by because I was craving pasta. I know, it was weird coming here for pasta, but I had to try. Got the Weiner Bolognese and it totally hit the spot. The sauce itself was a bit watery, but I ordered without expectations. And yes, my immature self had to contain my giggles when I had to say weiner out loud. Why can't the menu just say sausage?!


Whatever you're here for, pasta or curry, the food is reasonably priced for lunch and dinner and the portions are pretty filling. More bang for your buck!

Curry House 14407 Culver Drive Irvine, CA 92604