Flying Chicken Pa-dak - Artesia, CA

I was in denial before, but i have come to accept my addiction obsession. I have yet to say no to an invitation for wings, except for times when I have prior engagements, which usually involves dinner plans. It's always food related! Haha. So, when a couple friends wanted to grab wings, I was definitely on board with anywhere. My friends were in the Cerritos/Artesia area and wanted to meet up. I was on the south side of Orange County, but nothing was going to get between me and my wings, so I had no qualms about making the journey to Flying Chicken Pa-dak.

Lately, I've been loving Korean style fried chicken. The flavors, the extra crunch/crispness of wings and drumsticks, the free sides (radish/cabbage salad) and cheap beer usually keep me coming back....especially the beer, I mean wings. But really, look at the beer tower!


First up, corn cheese. Corn, cheese and pineapple make a very interesting combo, but so yums!

Popcorn chicken with the sweet garlic sauce on the side. If you don't want your chicken to get soggy, this is awesome.


WINGS! We ordered 27 of them - 9 buffalo (tangy), 9 lemon pepper and 9 sweet garlic.


Lemon pepper is one of my newfound favs. I can't believe I've missed out all this time, but the wings are crisp with a slight lemon accent lingering after. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it...true story!

Less than a week of trying this place on a Monday, I returned on Friday with more friends because I loved it so much...especially the lemon pepper. WIN. The wings are a lot larger than most places. WIN. Beer tower. WIN. Cheap. Winning. Open late. Even better.

I'll have to return to try the pa-dak. Since I've never had it, can someone tell me what makes a really good and legit pa-dak? Let me know in the comments or email me!

Flying Chicken Pa-dak
12238 Artesia Blvd
Artesia, CA 90701