Kappo Honda - Fountain Valley, CA

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful 3-day weekend. So many BBQs happened this weekend and I'm totally stuffed, but so good. 

Authentic Japanese cuisine is one of my go-to meals, along with Korean soups, but I'll reserve that for another post! Kappo Honda is like the lesser known sister to Honda-Ya without the crazy wait and a less extensive menu. If you've been, you know what I'm talking about! However, my most recent visit made me wait a little (20 minutes is not too bad) before I went to town on the menu.

We started with yakitori and I went auto mode on my favorites:

Beef Tongue. I actually refrained from ordering at least 2-3 pieces for myself, but Bernice went the whole nine yards and got 3. She LOVES beef tongue so I understand.


Spicy Wing is not spicy at all, at least for me!


Pork Sausage. One of my favs and an absolute staple every time I come. I love that they grill it to a crisp perfection on the outside, but the sausage is still juicy.


Chicken Liver and Pork Cheek. OMG..../drool. That pork cheek was surprisingly good. I think I would rather order that than pork belly if both are available options.


Going into our entrees, I decided to get a little adventurous and try new things. My friends, Paul and Bernice, also joined me on this so I didn't eat everything, but I'm sure I could have.

Mentaiko (cod roe) Onigiri. So, I used to watch a lot of anime back in my youth (like 5-10 years ago haha!) and every episode of D Gray Man, Natsume Yujincho or Hana Yori Dango (fav drama!), one of the characters would always eat a rice ball or some kind of onigiri. It looked so nomsy, but I had my first onigiri this year. For real guys...and they also have grilled onigiri, which I still need to try! I'll let you know when I do.


Fatty Tuna Bowl. I didn't eat this, but I did take the picture.


Tako Wasabi. I am a huge fan of freshly grated wasabi so when I saw this, I really wanted to try it. Raw octopus mixed with wasabi and grated radish. Personally, it could have used more wasabi cause it was relatively bland, but a couple drops of soy sauce helped liven it up a bit.


Chawanmushi. Ever since I had my first at Nana-San, I sort of have been hooked and just wanted to try them all...all that is out there. This one had eel, shrimp, mushrooms, gingko nuts and other surprises.


Capping our meal with dessert. Green tea cheesecake and Shiratama Zenzai (sweet red bean soup with mochi). The zenzai...my goodness. I have never had such soft, glutinous rice balls...in my mouth. *get your mind out of the gutter* The red bean dessert wasn't super sweet, so it was a nice end to the meal.


There are several seating choices: bar, table or tatami mats. We were seated on the tatami mats. It's a small room in a corner of the restaurant with woven straw mats, but to sit there, you have to remove your shoes and sit on cushions on the floor. It's a neat experience, minus the legs falling asleep, but it's a pretty intimate space with just two tables there. It's sort of sectioned off, but all the better to chat with friends without interruptions.

If you have been, got recommendations? Would love to hear them since I'm always down to try new things!

Stay hungry friends.

Kappo Honda
18450 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
(714) 964-4629