Hi Friends!

I want to thank you SO much for visiting and sharing this journey of travel and food! Meals with Jamie was started in 2014 as an outlet to share my delicious eats with friends, but has developed into a food-obsessive, adventure-seeking diary over the years. It is now a platform where I get to share what the world has to offer through experiences, new discoveries and the path to good eats!

Real Talk. Who is Jamie of Meals With Jamie?
Clearly, the friend you would like to take to all your meals and help you with some real life decisions, like what to eat. On the real, my name is Jamie Nguyen. As a blogger, I really appreciate honesty and transparency, so I incorporate these sentiments into my reviews and story-telling. I try to provide an unbiased opinion, so that you guys get to experience it with me and conclude whether it's something you would be interested in trying.

Aside from dedicating a chunk of time toward this blog, which has been a second job, I work full-time in Digital Marketing for a Tech company based in Orange County. I really enjoy what I do and I'm lucky to work with an amazing group of people.

So, now that I know who you kinda are, what do you like to do?
Many things! Okay, that wasn't very helpful. Usually, I like to keep it low-key during the weekdays, but there have been occasions where I'll meet up with friends for happy hour or dinner. Weekends are usually reserved for new adventures, but I can also be found working out, meal prepping for the week (helps with quick dinners after a long work day), putting in time toward my mobile games (currently playing Gardenscapes, Dominations, Homescapes), and catching up on shows (anime or Netflix).

How do you decide where to go?
Either through a recommendation or a quick search on Yelp. I love to browse what's new and am notorious for racking up bookmarks for ages. Sometimes I'll get through most of the list, but others are reminders to visit when I make it to the area. 

I typically gravitate toward specific cuisines, such as New American, Japanese, Korean, Italian or Seafood. It's rare for me to turn down any of those options unless I'm specifically craving something. 

I can't get enough of your pictures. It makes me hungry. What do you use?

  • Canon G7x
  • Samsung Galaxy S7

How often do you post?
I try to post weekly, but have definitely slowed that train in 2017. Work and reality took over, so I do my best to share my latest eats on other platforms. You can always follow me here:


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